Golden Summer EP

by Rhino House Band

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Rhino House Band is:

Ricky Demetro
Steven Bartashev
Danny Anderson


released February 1, 2014

Additional Band:
Andrew Manonne (Bass)
Daniel Edelstein (Bass)
Christa Victoria (Vocals)
Caitlin Dunne (Vocals)
Stefan Orzech (Piano & Organ)

Recorded at Salant Sound
Tracked by Josh Salant
Mixed & Mastered by David Kozirovsky

Artwork by Zack Brown



all rights reserved


Rhino House Band Brooklyn, New York

up and coming indie music from South Brooklyn.

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Track Name: Little Things
I hear you knockin' on my door
I heard the words you said to me before
Saying wake up kid, get dressed, give it a rest

You try to slide me into line
I know I'm running low on time
Saying wake up kid, it's over, graduate

The little things they go so fast,
Stopping time is hard,
Realized its not the past,
Future is the start

Yeah they're coming my way
You know what they say

I hear you knockin' on my door
I heard the thing you said to me before
Saying wake up kid, get dressed, give it a rest

Oh the days when I was young,
Time was forever, now its gone
I wanted fame and fortune, superstardom.
Track Name: James' Song
I know that it's a long way down,
I know you wanna leave this town
I got nowhere else to go,
Guess I'll make it, guess I'll make it
I don't know

Everything that I've ever seen
I learned from phony silver screens—
Everything that I've ever known
I haven't learned it on my own

And all I'll be
is you

I wanna find it out on my own,
I wanna move beyond the lies I've known
I wanna walk with you to the other side
See something more than this empty life
Track Name: Charlie
Charlie brings a dream
and I still remember,
We was young and having fun
But it won't be long till the setting sun—

Old age comes and the memory go,
Charlie was a boy that I used to know,
I'm still here—where did you go?

Mid-winter cries and broken lullabies,
Charlie brings a dream in the middle of the night—
No, no, no don't let the summer fade
Where me and Charlie lived together
and me and Charlie played

All the while,
Charlie smiles

Now I'm older,
and my heart sank the day he went away
Zipping through the street, we were running fast
I say why, tell me why can't the good times last?

I'm growing old, but I can still recall
A golden summer dream where he found a friend in me,
Time's dragging on but boy did we have fun
Till the summer died down and winter came around

All the while,
Charlie smiles
Track Name: Dirty Hobo
Look at the dirty hobo,
Sleeping in the street in SoHo
The blanket on his back and a cigarette pack
to his name

He's been all around the world—
Never seen the likes of a SoHo girl
swinging her handbag as she goes
board the train

Whoa but the hobo know
that the girls in the fancy clothes
Never really had to bother
They're living on their parents dollar

They're taking donations down by
the stained glass arch

Of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral

Shining the Holy Light

And the SoHo girls they have an RSVP
While the hobo's being held by the NYPD
Yeah the SoHo girls, they have a reservation
While the hobo's being held at the police station

He said "marry marry me,
In a little house by the sea,
Where I'll have a bed to sleep,
and I'll always have food to eat."

Ah they polish the marble
down by the stained glass arch

Of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral

Shining the Holy Light

and Mayor Bloomberg knows
that the hobo don't got no clothes
I said the mayor of the city knows
that the hobo don't got no home
Track Name: Stopping in the City
Stopping in the city on a snowy evening,
Brown eyes dead—brown eyes dreaming of love—
but where were you?

The Q train hustles down to Union
you know that I am happy in spite of my confusion but I
I'm thinking clearer than you

Big city dreamer with a hard time understanding,
a love that couldn't last
finger on the trigger and I'm sick and tired of listening
a love that went so fast
So fast

I picked up my bag and walked up to Broadway—
a man was selling black electrical tape and I
I asked him for a piece

I taped up my ears and closed my eyes—
Never will I be another fool for a woman's lies,
or her love at least

Tongue-twisted lovers with a message quickly fleeting,
What was that you said?
Hand in my pocket and I'm changing my direction—
So much left unsaid

You took my confidence
and broke it into two,
You left me standing here
for the last time

I got on the train and went home alone,
graffiti on the walls let me know I was getting close—
You were already home

We went to the city but we lost our love,
two of us together but I came back to Brooklyn as one—
alone in the snow.